NoVa RPG Maker

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Now you can create your own RPG game by downloading the files below.

RPG Maker 2000 is the main program for RPG Maker 2000. To be able to use the program you have to install the RTP after you install this program. To download RPG Maker 2000 click on the link below.

RPG Maker 2000 (download)

You need to install RTP (Run Time Files) after you install the RPG Maker 2000 file. Or else RPG Maker 2000 won't work. This file includes charasets, chipsets, monsters etc. that you can use for your games. to download RTP click the link below.


Idraw is a great program for making your own charasets, and chipsets. To download Idraw click on the link below.

Idraw (download)